Monthly Archives: December 2010

Cool to Come on Sunimi – Tagging

Sumimi’s primary mission is to help you safely share personal video with family and friends. But, we also have so many public Sunimi channels that you can view on your Roku. So many, in fact, that they may be hard to find. So, to help, we’ve added tagging. You can add up to 10 tags [...]

Sharing a video to your parents’ Roku

The little Roku box is great, but how do you get it to show your own videos on your TV? Sunimi was born for this. A web service where you can set up a feed, a server running on your computer, Roku linked, and off you are streaming on your local network. Yep, only formats [...]

You asked, we listened, and built … The New Sunimi!

Sunimi is for sharing your video experiences with family and select friends to view on their TV. But we agree, firewalls and dynamic IP addresses didn’t make it easy to stream from your own computer to a Roku elsewhere. We got that loud and clear! So, we built a central service to which you can [...]