Cool to Come on Sunimi – Tagging

Sumimi’s primary mission is to help you safely share personal video with family and friends. But, we also have so many public Sunimi channels that you can view on your Roku. So many, in fact, that they may be hard to find. So, to help, we’ve added tagging. You can add up to 10 tags to the channels you create. Sunimi makes channels searchable by those tags. We actually remove common words and use stemming, but who cares!

Here’s how you can make your Sunimi channel easier to find with tags: First, make the channel/source a tag, such as “PBS” or “ZDF”; second, use a couple of broad tags for the appropriate category, such as “comedy”, “tech”, “news”, “fitness”, and last, pick keywords from your title, description, or other that more distinctly identify your feed. Oh, if your channel is not in English, please add the language as a tag. Makes it easier to find stuff for our language students :-) .

Can you imagine finding new Sunimi channels on Roku? Well, imagine being able to search by keyword. To make custom categories by keyword. Then seeing these on Roku …

Fred Lindberg, Sunimi

Sharing a video to your parents’ Roku

The little Roku box is great, but how do you get it to show your own videos on your TV? Sunimi was born for this. A web service where you can set up a feed, a server running on your computer, Roku linked, and off you are streaming on your local network. Yep, only formats supported by Roku :-( . Now sharing with your parents shouldn’t be too hard. Let’s see … Their Roku links to the same service, gets feed info, and connects to your computer. Oops! Your computer is on your local network and protected by a firewall. Hacker to the rescue. Use your external IP, forward a port to your computer, and voila! Until you restart your modem/router and your IP changes. Or turn your computer off. There has got to be a better way!

What if you could upload your video to Sunimi? Share it only with family and select friends? Their Roku can see what you share with them and maybe even what others share with them. Even when your computer is off or busy with other things. What if you could notify them, sort of send them the shared video via … MediaMail? Hey, and how about throwing in automatic video format conversion, and the ability to download the video again, if say your hard disk crashed?

Well, it’s real with Sunimi as of today! Give it a spin for free, then sign up for the whole enchilada by going PRO!!

Fred Lindberg, Sunimi

You asked, we listened, and built … The New Sunimi!

Sunimi is for sharing your video experiences with family and select friends to view on their TV. But we agree, firewalls and dynamic IP addresses didn’t make it easy to stream from your own computer to a Roku elsewhere. We got that loud and clear! So, we built a central service to which you can upload your videos. Still sharing only with the people you want to share with, nobody else. Yep, videos are converted so that they show on the Roku. You can even download them again in optimized or native format. MediaMail and other features you’re used to are there, but we’ve made them better, we think – you tell us :-) .

Please check it out for free and give us your feedback! If you like what you see and want to use it, please consider going PRO. This brings us the resources to grow Sunimi to become your family video HQ.

PS: We still support third-party feeds. Setting up your local feeds is still hard and we no longer support it. Consider uploading instead. Or if you have ideas on how to make it easier, share and add more weight to your vote by going PRO!

Fred Lindberg, Sunimi